Fashion Friday

We know it can be hard to feel fabulous in beige. Forget how dreary the color may seem, we are going to try and change your mind – beige doesn’t have to be boring!

FashionTag said it best in a 2015 Spring Trend Alert post:

“Beige shades look clean, fresh, refined and quite luxurious. The mix of all nude colours holds a certain femininity to it and a classy minimalism with tones of glamour or bohemian vibes, while being kind of understated.

To me these colours have a certain grown-up quality to them, especially when worn with bold lips, stiletto heels, and expensive looking accessories.”

This shade of nude is a fashion staple during the spring. Pairing a beige shirt or cardigan with a cute floral scarf or colorful necklace can help frame the accessory and bring out the colors. Not to mention, it looks great against tanned and darker skin tones!

temp temp

We aren’t just talking about beige clothes; there are also accessories in this neutral color. It creates a very boho-chic look we are absolutely crazy about.


Frillseekers can help you with the beige anxiety you may have. We can help you look “pretty in pale!”


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