Why Shop Local?

“Small Business Saturday” doesn’t have to be once a year, and it definitely doesn’t have to just be on a Saturday. In fact, any chance you get, you should support your local businesses. Why? It’s important.

When you shop at small, locally owned shops such as Frillseekers and the Shops at 5807, you are investing into your own community and supporting business owners who have a vested interest in their products and customers. Richmond, Virginia is the home to many diverse brands, tastes, and shops that compete with large chain stores every day.

According to the American Independent Business Alliance, your economy and community benefit from customers who shop from local business versus chain stores. Here are some ways listed on their article titled “Top Reasons to Buy Local, Eat Local, Go Local:”

  • When you go out and interact with your community by shopping in local stores, you are participating in what AMBIA calls “the ultimate social networking site.” Step aside, Facebook and Twitter! These friendly interactions help build relationships in your community, which makes it stronger.
  • Not only are you helping strengthen community relations, you’re helping strengthen you local economy. You’re truly like muscle milk for your whole community! AMBIA says each dollar you spend at local, independent businesses returns three times as much money to your local economy than money spent at a chain. This money spent also impacts the prosperity of businesses and residents.
  • Your environment will benefit from these community-serving businesses. According to AMBIA, these businesses typically take up less space, carry local products, are closer to residents, and create less traffic and air pollution.

But speaking of Small Business Saturday, come out and shop local THIS Saturday, February 13. The Shops will be having the Annual Indoor Winter Sidewalk Sale, starting at 10 a.m. and we hope to see you all there!



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