Fashion Friday

Give your bag some purse-onality!

Your purse is a solid part of your outfit and it deserves to be accessorized. Adding a purse charm to your favorite bag can instantly give it personality, and a fun wallet or change purse can also help your bag stand out.

Frillseekers has some options to choose from if you’re looking to give your bag some bling! When people see these dangling off of your purse, they’re guaranteed to ask you “What is that?!” In a good way, of course.

They’re super cute, and those eyes are definitely protecting your stuff. We have some less ‘aggressive’ looking options, if you’re looking for some colorful tassels instead. Or double-up on the purse charms, heck. We won’t judge.

Another accessory to consider are these Money Monsters:

Seriously, aren’t they precious? The zippers are their mouths! Let them gobble up your money.

Come check out our options at the shop, we’d love to help dress up your favorite purse!


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