Frillby Awards

Last Sunday, Richmond Magazine announced the winners of the Fifth Annual Elby awards, and I couldn’t be more proud of the local restaurants and people making an impact in RVA! If you haven’t seen the results you can check them out here.

I love Richmond and I love the city’s food scene, so I want to share MY favorites with all of you. We’re going to go ahead and call it the Frillby Awards! Obviously I won’t be renting out the entire Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for a seated dinner and award ceremony, but at least you can kick back in your yoga pants and sip on some coffee while learning a little but more about me.

Favorite place to get wine: Barrel Thief, which just so happens to be my next door neighbor at the shop. They have a great selection and give great advice.

Favorite lunch takeout location: Westbury Pharmacy – Junior Chix Salad Club. Chicken salad, provolone and BACON!!! on toasted whole wheat.

Favorite “special occasion” go-to: Acacia!!!

Favorite “sit down” lunch location: Lulabelle’s, “the Mary”- yummy crispy flatbread with apple, goat cheese, caramelized onions and fig jam.

Favorite brunch location: CanCan, ALWAYS.

Favorite donut shop: Sugar Shack wins!

Favorite coffee shop: Lamplighter – the original on Addison Street.

What are some of YOUR favorites? Would love some suggestions! There are so many great options here in RVA!



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