Where is Anne Going Now?

Tomorrow another big adventure starts … But where I’m going is a mystery!

I travel throughout the year, both for fun and for Frill. This time it’s for fun, but I’m always on the hunt for new stuff to bring back to the shop. I love to see the world and visit different places! As much as I adore RVA, the world is too big to spend in one place. Get out and see it!

Here are some snaps from a trip I took back in January for a wellness retreat in Mexico:

Another sunrise. Another mountain. #thesebootsweremadeforwalking #gratefulheart #norestforthewicked

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Our sunrise hikes were lit by these beautiful skies:

Sunrise hike up the mountain @rancholapuerta #bestdayever #gratefulheart #thesebootsweremadeforwalking

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And alas, I’m itching for more adventure. Somewhere with forests, volcanos, and a bunch of history, maybe…

I will post online to give you hints about where I am, and you’ll have to guess until I reveal it! So tell me, where do think I’m off to this time?

Fashion Friday

Happy Fashion Friday!

I’m such a big fan of fun accessories that I wanted to share one of my personal favorites with you this Friday. Pom-poms are so much fun to wear. One of the trends you might see on the blog is how much I love to make a statement with my accessories – I’m a firm believer that your style should reflect who you are!

Check out these puffs on my shoes!

Fringe and poms! My #DIY project done! #denim #fringe #pompoms #fashion

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The Outfit describes these adorable little balls of fluff with the perfect word: playful. They can take the boring seriousness away from an outfit while still looking stylish! You just have to smile when you see them. Adults can be playful, too!

And they’re popping up all over Frill this season… I told you I wouldn’t put anything in the shop I wouldn’t wear myself. Here are some of my favorites:

A nice woven clutch and pom-pom earrings!
A mixture of tribal design and poms
These pom-poms will help keep your neck warm!

They’re on the catwalk, so quit telling yourself you can’t pull them off! What you wear should be fun – give them a shot. And what better time to try a new colorful statement piece than spring? I promise you won’t be disappointed.

For the pom-pom lovers out there: What is your favorite accessory? Snap a picture and post it here, or link to us on Instagram so I can see it!

Easter in the Shop

Spring is finally here, and I am so happy about it! I hope the warm weather is moving in for good, and most importantly: NO MORE SNOW. I’m over the flakes! I need the sunshine!

With spring time comes bright, bold, BEAUTIFUL colors and a bunch of new things to welcome to the shop. Right now the shelves are stocked for Easter. There are so many bunnies!

Honey Bunny tote – totally precious!
Need directions to your Easter egg hunt? 
bunny vase
Put your spring flowers in these cute bunny vases!

We can’t forget the chicks:

Wall decor – a cute hanging Easter basket!

And of course with new merchandise comes new clothing and accessories:

Look at those bright colors AND tassels!
A floppy hat is the perfect spring accessory

If you follow my Instagram account, you have seen some of these pictures already – so follow me to see all of these great updates first!


Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday is back, and you’re going to want to stand at attention for this one.

Recently, some of the blogs and clothing stores I subscribe to have been emailing me about one of my favorite outerwear staples: the army jacket.

(And it’s the day after St. Patrick’s Day – the perfect day to celebrate this green jacket!)


Alternate Product Image 1 Selected


Le Catch wrote about “revamped” army jackets – check out some of the ruffles and fringe these jackets have! I’m digging this feminine spin on an typically masculine style, it’s very trendy. The best part is you can snag a more affordable jacket at a thrift store or on sale, and embellish it yourself with buttons and patches.


Urban Army 💂 #ootd #armyfashion #streetsnap #armygreen

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Are army jackets a yay or nay? Tell me what you think!

March Trending: Teresa

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, is our lovely Teresa!


Watching: No time for TV series but I do enjoy a good movie mostly comedies
Listening: Love lots of different kinds of music….Coldplay, Alessia Cara, Stateless, X Ambassadors, Hozier, Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis…and many more
Reading: Nothing at the moment…but have a few books waiting on me…Divergent was probably the last series I read
Wearing: Leggings, jeans, tunics, dresses, always boots or sandals when its warm. In the summer a bathing suit most weekends on the river
Eating: Sushi, a good filet steak, and most any seafood
Drinking: Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha, always water and coffee
Doing: Working and thinking of how to get to the beach…

And that’s a wrap with this month’s “What’s Trending!” I hope everyone has had as much fun learning about the girls who run the shop as I have had sharing them with you! We loved doing this and I can’t wait until next month to do it all over again.

Comment below and share your favorite things! I’d love to know what’s trending in your lives.

March Trending: Lewis

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We have green donuts at the shop this afternoon, so if you’re in the area you should come snag one before Leigh gets to them!

This Thursday our shop girl of the day is Lewis – here’s what she’s up to:

Watching: Downton Abbey & The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Listening: Johnny Cash, Coldplay, Queen and the oldies
Reading: Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee
Wearing: Danksos, flipflops, and tennis shoes
Eating: Too much 🙂
Drinking: Beer 🙂 Corona Light with a lime
Doing: Working at 5807, painting, baking and walking my dog, biggie!

WOW – this week is flying by. I love sharing these posts about the 5807 shop girls and I hope everyone is enjoying them, too!

March Trending: Leigh

Today is about Leigh, my partner in crime and the other half of the Shops at 5807!


Watching: House of Cards and breathlessly awaiting the newest season of ‘The Americans’ this Wed. night!!
Listening: To myself breathing- trying to practice a little mindful meditation, and John Hiatt radio.
Reading: Lots of Jane Casey books- love Maeve Kerrigan, my new fave Irish detective
Wearing: Suncreen, what else??!!
Eating: Donut- binging the last two weekends— It’s a toss-up between the Homestead’s glazed and Strite’s Maple Glazed- sOOOO amazingly melt-in-your-mouth! See picture above. Can you guess which is me?
Drinking: Not tonight
Doing: Lots of TidalWheel this week to get rid of the donuts.