Fringe Binge

Happy Fashion Friday!

Today I’m going to sprinkle in a little DIY project, because this week we’re talking about fringed jeans.

I found you #FringeJeans 🙌

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Been dying to try this, so on Saturday, I ventured out to Old Navy when I found out they were having a big sale. The WHOLE store was 40% off! While I was there I picked up some super cheap jeans, which I highly recommend using when you do a DIY like this for the first time – there’s a huge difference between making a mistake on an $18 pair of jeans versus a $150 pair. If you can, recycle your old jeans!

The link to the DIY is here.

The beauty of this project is that it really only requires three things. A pair of jeans, a seam ripper, and fabric shears. Oh, PLUS, a lot of patience.

Taking it up a notch in @3×1 & @kitsune

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 says if you don’t like the way the threads tangle together after your jeans go through the wash, you can untangle the threads with your fingers, so don’t fret! I personally love the way it looks tangled.


Here is how mine turned out:


When you can DIY a pair of jeans similar to a pair Moda Operandi sold for $295, you’re definitely going to feel confident in them.


They are a work in progress. I’l probably finish them up this weekend when I have more time. It’s a tedious project but so worth the effort!

Have you tried a fashion DIY lately? Post pics – we want to see!


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