Cheap Souvenirs

Not sure which I love more: traveling or shopping!

I usually take a huge old Scout bag folded flat inside my suitcase to schlep my finds home, but sometimes you just want to travel light! Pillow covers or textiles are a great, lightweight souvenir.

This hand-embroidered beauty was a hand towel from Mexico – tells the story of village life. Look at the precious donkey cart and the woman sweeping!

They satisfy my need to seek out something with a local flavor and are a daily reminder of that street vendor, souk or craft market once I’m back home.

pillow 7

Don’t limit yourself to actual pillow covers. One of my favorites started life as a hand towel, another as a rug fragment.

Pillow made out of a rug fragment 

One was maybe 6 USD in a Cambodian airport shop. A beautiful but dirty and torn scrap of patched saris was a lucky side-of-the-road find in rural India:

pillow 3

Now, with a down insert and trimmed with mirrored key fobs, it proudly sits beside a store-bought Christian Lecroix embellished pillow that cost about 20 times as much! Almost anything can be made into a pillow. Be open to the possibilities!


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