File May 09, 1 44 34 PM


Last Sunday, the VCU Departments of Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising presented their annual fashion extravaganza, and I was lucky enough to have a runway seat! I felt just like Kimye at the Paris Chanel show! The gorgeously choreographed show featured the work of the graduating class, and boy are they a talented group of emerging young designers.

As you  might expect, the show was a mix of over-the-top, in your dreams only outfits, and imminently wearable designs.

File May 09, 1 42 27 PM


In a sea of black and gray, the fashion crowd’s go-to, the colorful designs shone!


I loved the detail that went into all of the work – so labor intensive but so important to the overall look!

Senior Shelby Rider at work hand beading her entry, and the stunning finished design!

File May 09, 1 43 34 PM

Another beautiful detail on this blouse!

As Patricia Brown, chairperson of the Fashion Design and Merchandising says:

“We at VCU have a fashion department with so many advantages: a campus in the middle of a thriving, diverse and creative city; a top-ranked school of the arts within a vibrant university; a fashion department with the more business-like merchandising program and the design program housed together in one building. Not many schools can boast all that.”




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