May Flowers

Haley the intern here!

You know what they say: April showers bring May flowers. But it’s almost June and it seems like it hasn’t stopped raining! Bring on the flowers already. To celebrate a couple of delightfully sunny days, I’m going to walk you through a really simple DIY painted flower vase!

I’m getting married next month, and I’m trying to DIY as much as I possibly can for the wedding – both to be thrifty and personalize it. But mostly to be thrifty, who are we kidding? This idea was found on Pinterest so my Maid of Honor and I decided to give it a try!

All you need are clear vases, paint, and a great deal of patience. I got my glass vases from Goodwill and the Dollar Tree. They come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes. I’ve made two mass-purchases from the same Goodwill and they always seem to restock pretty quickly.

The paint was an easy find. I stopped by Walmart and picked up some of their Apple Barrel multi-surface paints. I got them in Wild Grape, Outrageous Orange, Lemon, Honeysuckle Pink and Bimini Blue.


Make sure you get the multi-surface when trying to use the paint on glass. If you don’t, it won’t stick. Which is kinda the point.

Start by emptying some of the paint into a clear vase and then patting the outside of the vase to help lead the paint around the inside. You will get very frustrated – trust me. But keep it up. The paint will cover more than you think it will. I got two vases out of each paint bottle.

Once the interior is coated, flip the vase upside down on a sheet of foil. Leave it like that for a few hours so any extra paint can trail to the top. When you walk away to let the paint do its thing, keep pets away. Not that the paint is toxic, but my kitten decided to test the waters and check it out. I spent my evening scrubbing some little Bimini Blue paw prints off of the furniture.

Remember to flip the vases over after you leave them to drain a bit. If you don’t, they won’t dry. It takes about two days total for them to finish completely, which is a pretty long time.

But once they’re done, they’re so cute!

… And now I only have about 15 more to go. Happy DIY-ing!


xoxo — Haley


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