“For me, compassion is about the stranger to whom we owe nothing. It is about how our society will be judged and how we discover our humanity. It is about finding out reward through the eyes of those to whom we owe nothing. It is about love.”

– Helen Bamber, OCE


This book has been in Frillseekers for a while, but I can’t help but look at it over lunch every now and then. Each recipe in the book is written by somebody who is actively engaged in humanitarian causes around the world. All of the profits made by purchasing the cookbook support Women for Women International, an organization that works with women living in war-town countries around the world. My favorite part of the cookbook is the variety of recipes shared – they separate¬†recipes by different origins and locations in each country, featuring women and families in each location.

Piperade recipe 

Not only does the food look delicious, it’s such a GREAT cause to get behind and I’m so proud to carry this book in my shop! Come take peek and help me support these strong, beautiful women.

100% of profits go towards Women for Women International