Fashion Friday



We all remember Pharrel’s hat from the 2014 Grammy Awards. 

Yeah, the hat that has its own Twitter account.

Arby’s paid $44,100 for the Vivienne Westwood hat. All of the money went to From One Hand to Another, a charity that helps fund education through technology and the arts.

Ignatius Hats is located in Petersburg. All of their hats are made by hand by wheat straw or synthetic braid. It’s so cool to have a place so close to home that makes such beautiful hats! They’re so classic looking. The website says:

“The combination of method, materials, shape and decoration are what make our hats reminiscent of times past, while still being wearable and contemporary.”

They are gorgeous.

What is the sexiest way to wear a hat? Nick Fouquet says:

“With confidence.”

Fouquet is actually a hat designer for Pharrell! I recommend checking out his Instagram page, where he posts his pieces.


I love this feathered trim hat by Lola Hats!

Photo May 16, 2 32 41 PM

Hats are an amazing statement piece. They should reflect your style and personality, and there are so many ways to make your hat look like you! Some of my favorites have feathers, sayings and of course – pompoms!

This “do not disturb” hat makes me want to curl up on the beach with a good book! We have so many hats to choose from in the shop! Come check them out and wear it with style.

What is your favorite hat? Do you like to keep it simple or do you like the flair?



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