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What do I bring to work every day?

… My double chocolate chunk QUEST bar! I can’t wait to eat that thing as my dessert to homemade lunch!

I’d really like to bring my dog, River, though… Maybe someday- if she can fit us into her busy schedule with all her dog-walking play dates and stick-chewing.

– Leigh



Easter in the Shop

Spring is finally here, and I am so happy about it! I hope the warm weather is moving in for good, and most importantly: NO MORE SNOW. I’m over the flakes! I need the sunshine!

With spring time comes bright, bold, BEAUTIFUL colors and a bunch of new things to welcome to the shop. Right now the shelves are stocked for Easter. There are so many bunnies!

Honey Bunny tote – totally precious!
Need directions to your Easter egg hunt? 
bunny vase
Put your spring flowers in these cute bunny vases!

We can’t forget the chicks:

Wall decor – a cute hanging Easter basket!

And of course with new merchandise comes new clothing and accessories:

Look at those bright colors AND tassels!
A floppy hat is the perfect spring accessory

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