FOOD Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s Haley the intern.

I posted a painted vase DIY a while ago in preparation for my wedding, and they turned out great! It was so neat seeing our project come together on the day-of, and the pop of color on our white tables was beautiful. Here are some of the pictures:



I hand-wrote 90 of those tags… My hand cramps just thinking about it.

We spent our honeymoon in New Orleans, which is one of our favoriteĀ places to go! We love the live jazz music, fruity hurricane drinks, culture, and more than anything – the food. My husband (that’s weird to say) and I are self-described foodies. We basically travel to eat, and we ARE NOT ashamed.

One of our favorite places to go for brunch in NOLA is the Ruby Slipper.

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Holy #brunch šŸ³

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I couldn’t decide between the smoked salmon or the pork, so I went with both! We actually went back twice during our trip, and if you’re ever near one of their locations, I highly recommend trying it. The food andĀ drinks are delicious, the customer service is great, and how can you NOT support a restaurant thatĀ got its name from the Wizard of Oz whenĀ the owners came home to New Orleans after the devastation of hurricane Katrina? “There’s no place like home.”

And of course, the staple of NOLA dessert, Cafe Du Monde. You almost have to go and enjoy the sweet, powdered sugary goodness of a beignet. I’m a huge fan of their iced coffee, too.

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Seriously, don’t inhale when you’re taking a bite of these things. You WILL breathe in powdered sugar. I’ve personally experienced it. I bought a box of their beignet mix, so we will see if I can makeĀ them at home.

Because we didn’t have as much time as you really need to truly experience all of the food NOLA has to offer, we settled for a sampler called “Taste of New Orleans.” It had Crawfish ƉtouffĆ©e, red beans and rice, jambalaya, and gumbo.


ALL of them were delicious, but the gumbo was my personal favorite.

What is your favorite travel destination, and what kind of food do you like to eat when you get there? Tell us below in the comment section! And if you have a favorite restaurant in New Orleans, let me know – we are already planning next year’s trip!


Fashion Friday

Happy Fashion Friday!

I’m such a big fan of fun accessories that I wanted to share one of my personal favorites with you this Friday. Pom-poms are so much fun to wear. One of the trends you might see on the blog is how much I love to make a statement with my accessories – I’m a firm believer that your style should reflect who you are!

Check out these puffs on my shoes!

The Outfit describes these adorable little balls of fluff with the perfect word: playful. They can take the boring seriousness away fromĀ an outfit whileĀ stillĀ looking stylish! You just have to smile when you see them. Adults can be playful, too!

And they’re popping up all over FrillĀ this season… IĀ toldĀ you I wouldn’t put anything in the shop I wouldn’t wear myself. Here are some of my favorites:

A nice woven clutch and pom-pom earrings!
A mixture of tribal design and poms
These pom-poms will help keep your neck warm!

They’re on the catwalk, so quit telling yourself you can’t pull them off! What you wear should be fun – give them a shot. And what better time toĀ try a new colorful statement piece than spring? IĀ promise you won’t be disappointed.

For the pom-pom lovers out there: What is your favorite accessory? Snap a picture and post it here, or link to us on Instagram so I can see it!

Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday is back, and you’re going to want to stand at attention for this one.

Recently, some of the blogs and clothing stores I subscribe to have been emailing me about one of my favorite outerwear staples: the army jacket.

(And it’s the day after St. Patrick’s Day – the perfect day to celebrate this green jacket!)


Alternate Product Image 1 Selected


Le Catch wrote about “revamped” army jackets – check outĀ some of the ruffles and fringe these jackets have! I’m digging this feminine spin on an typicallyĀ masculine style, it’s very trendy. The best part is you can snag a more affordable jacket at a thrift store or on sale, and embellish it yourself with buttons and patches.


Are army jackets a yay or nay? Tell me what you think!

Fringe Binge

Happy Fashion Friday!

Today I’m going to sprinkle in a little DIY project, because this weekĀ we’re talking aboutĀ fringed jeans.

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I found you #FringeJeans šŸ™Œ

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Been dying to try this, so on Saturday, I ventured out to Old Navy when I found out they were having aĀ big sale. The WHOLE store was 40% off! While I was there I picked up some super cheap jeans, which I highly recommend using when you do a DIY like this for the first time – there’s a huge difference between making a mistake on an $18 pair of jeans versus a $150 pair. If you can, recycle your old jeans!

The link to the DIY is here.

The beauty of this project is that it really only requires three things. A pair of jeans, aĀ seam ripper, and fabric shears. Oh, PLUS, a lot of patience.

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Taking it up a notch in @3×1 & @kitsune

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Ā says if you don’t like the way the threads tangle together after your jeans go through the wash, you can untangle the threads with your fingers, so don’t fret! I personally love the way it looks tangled.


Here is how mine turned out:


When you can DIY a pair of jeans similar to a pairĀ Moda Operandi sold for $295, you’re definitely going to feel confident in them.


They are a work in progress. I’l probably finish them up this weekend when I have more time. It’s a tedious project butĀ soĀ worth the effort!

Have you tried a fashion DIY lately? Post pics – we want to see!