Fashion Friday

The heat is ON, and those UV rays are kicking it into high gear. Don’t forget the sunscreen when you’re out in the sun! With the heat index 100+, it is so uncomfortable outside by noon. It’s really hard to feel cute when you’re sweaty.

I know you’ve seen them out and about, especially at the pool. There is nothing that says “summer” quite like a floppy hat.

Summer is treating me too well 🙏🏼🌴 Snapchat: ayasell

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It’s a wonderful accessory that helps frame your face. I love it because it helps keep the sun out of my eyes and off of my face.

Of course, the shop carries them too! One of my favorites is the straw hat embroidered with “Do Not Disturb” around the rim. I need to be reading a book on the beach in that hat right NOW.

I also like this one with the pompoms (I’m predictable, I know) and pattered ribbon! That frayed straw brim is totally cute:

You need all the shade you can get in this heat ☀️

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Still not sure you can pull it off? Here. That article can give you some ideas. My favorite tip is number 5 – Go All Out!

The Pink Stag

This week I am going to introduce the owner of The Pink Stag, Lindsay Kersh.

The Pink Stag is a beautiful little boutique under the same roof at Frillseekers. Yep, that’s right! It’s right here in Richmond!

Here is a little bit about Lindsay:

I was born in Charlottesville, grew up in Williamsburg and moved to Raleigh, NC to attend NC State (Go Wolfpack!). I have been involved with sales and marketing in one way or another since graduating. Owning a boutique has always been a dream of mine. The Shops at 5807 allow me to balance my other job and have a fabulous place in Richmond.

I am proud of being Southern and supporting companies from The South. When selecting brands I value quality the most. Finding items that are unique has been a learning experience.I’ve enjoyed working with smaller companies as well as some of those more established. I love bright prints, resort-ready wear and things with a touch country. I’m always on the hunt for “good gifts for men” and  anything that’s distinctly southern.

Lindsay runs a great Instagram account. It’s a great mixture of outfit inspiration, merchandise, and her own personality. Some of her outfits of them even feature Frillseekers merchandise – but that’s not why I enjoy it so much! Her style is very chic and colorful. I love how she accessorizes and the outfits she puts together are just so cute.

Frill’s flamingo necklace matches perfectly with this top:


I admire Lindsay for believing it is important to support businesses that have a place close to her heart – in this case, southern businesses both big and small.


It allows her boutique to reflect her style in an even more personal way!

Take a minute to check out The Pink Stag and support Lindsay!



Fashion Friday

The days have been so rainy in RVA, so here’s a little dash on sunshine in the form of mustard yellow!

Good morning! A new post awaits you with a City Inspired Look… Will you guess the city?

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It’s a color people shy away from pretty often because nobody seems to think they look good in it. Fashionista NOW says the shade compliments darker skin tones and extremely pale skin tones the most – it can wash out your complexion, so definitely try it on before you purchase. That goes without saying!

Like most anything, if it’s done right it can totally be done.


Since you know I love color so much, it’s the perfect shade to just throw on to ‘spice’ up an outfit. It’s an absolute fashion statement! I scoured the shop for some mustard yellow before realizing we don’t have many options in this shade, surprisingly enough. What I did find was a win. Check out this purse:


Give yourself a pop of color and be your own little burst of sunshine!

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What do I always bring to work? 

My Consuela bag and Consuela handbag.

Both are full with everything, including a fully stocked makeup bag since I live an hour away from work.

– Teresa

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We love Consuela bags at the shop, and carry a large selection of them. They come in so many different prints. Your options are endless! I like to add a fuzzy purse charm on mine for an extra POP of color.

We absolutely Viva Consuela!

Cheap Souvenirs

Not sure which I love more: traveling or shopping!

I usually take a huge old Scout bag folded flat inside my suitcase to schlep my finds home, but sometimes you just want to travel light! Pillow covers or textiles are a great, lightweight souvenir.

This hand-embroidered beauty was a hand towel from Mexico – tells the story of village life. Look at the precious donkey cart and the woman sweeping!

They satisfy my need to seek out something with a local flavor and are a daily reminder of that street vendor, souk or craft market once I’m back home.

pillow 7

Don’t limit yourself to actual pillow covers. One of my favorites started life as a hand towel, another as a rug fragment.

Pillow made out of a rug fragment 

One was maybe 6 USD in a Cambodian airport shop. A beautiful but dirty and torn scrap of patched saris was a lucky side-of-the-road find in rural India:

pillow 3

Now, with a down insert and trimmed with mirrored key fobs, it proudly sits beside a store-bought Christian Lecroix embellished pillow that cost about 20 times as much! Almost anything can be made into a pillow. Be open to the possibilities!


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Tuesday I made my way back home after an amazing couple of days in Guatemala. If you follow Frill’s Instagram and Facebook page, you will have seen all of the pictures! I spent my time exploring and appreciating the beauty.

Here are some of my snaps:

Church destroyed in 18th c earthquake and volcano eruption

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And of course we made time for shopping.

Huipol shopping! Each one more beautiful than the last! #goboldorgohome #colorcrush #handmade

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And food.

Dat be true #chipsandguac #antigua #cantsayno

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And maybe a margarita or two…

Day drinkin' and taco tastin'! Great way to spend the day! At Cactus Grill #margaritas #tacos #sundayfunday

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But just like that, it’s a wrap. As fun as it is to see the world and eat some of the best Mexican food I’ve tasted in my life, there’s nothing quite like being home and being surrounded by familiar faces. Until next time!

You guessed it…

I’m in Guatamala!

Some of you figured it out – and very quickly at that. I’m very impressed by how many people actually were able to guess where I was going!

It’s beautiful here. The sights are amazing:

View of town and one of the volcanoes

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And, of course, shopping. I’ve picked up some great stuff for Frill! The markets are very interesting and colorful. They have the coolest stuff:

I knew that 5th shot of mezcal was a mistake! #hungover #headachessuck #isitfiveoclockyet

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Shopping! #buyitnow #overload

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Speaking of food, today I’m headed to Cactus for lunch. Follow our Instagram account for more travel pictures!